Solar Portable Power Station
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Solar Portable Power Station


Ecener's large capacity portable solar power station is the most powerful and long-lasting solution which is also used for industrial appications. Our vigorous system with panels is usually regarded as best solution for RV which make your van life be a feast for your eyes and mind.

Portable solar power station stores electricity power produced by panels so people can use it for RVs and camping, or put it at home as a backup power. Traditional generators use gasoline or diesel, which are very noisy also produce fumes during working hours. Portable solar power station work in a quiet way and never send out fumes. The system are in essence mobile PV energy generation device, which work in different ways from traditional gasoline or diesel generators.

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Solar panels themselves cannot supply electricity, the energy they generate needs to be stored by batteries for future use. Batteries store electricity generated by the panels so that they can be used during cloudy and rainy days. However, not the same as batteries used in residential solar system, batteries of portable solar power station are usually compact, and is easily plugged in thanks to the inbuilt sockets.

Most of our systems are using lithium battery. Our lithium system is the best for outdoor use.

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● Compact and portable

● Chargeable

● Without noise

● Zero maintenance cost

● No smoke

● Free energy from sunlight

● Various charging choices

● Clean energy

● Best value


● Discontinuous electricity supply

● Cost more

● Affected by climate

● Not charge quickly

● Not lightweight for higher output needs

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Features to consider when buying

● Ideal for both indoor backup and outdoor travel such as camping, RVs, hunting, fishing, barbecue, open air party, etc.

● High capacity suit load

● Eco friendly power free of noise. Charged with panels and wall socket.

● Perfect safe protection



50W to 5000W


1 year warranty



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