Portable Solar Power Generator
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Portable Solar Power Generator


When solar panels are linked with the battery bank, youcan store solar power by putting solar panels under sun light. When you need touse electricity, the power can be extracted from the battery bank for powersupply.

Nowadays most of portable solar generators are in packagesor kits. Together with solar panels, portable solar generator is a completesolar generating kit that generates electricity and store energy in battery forlater use.

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The solar panels that are used for portable solargenerators are not the same as typical residential or commercial solar panels. Solarpanels for portable solar generators are different from typical home orcommercial solar panels. These panels are smaller in dimension and power also easyto be portable, which means you can easily transport and locate them anywheretoward the sunlight.

Residential solar cells are usually manufactured usinglithium-ion. The batteries used in portable solar generators can be eitherlithium-ion or lead-acid technology. Those two technologies can often be addedtogether with other battery cells, often referred to as "chaining", whichmeans that you can increase additional batteries to portable solar generators formore powerful capacity.

Portable solar generator does not need gasoline for operationand can be used indoors because it does not produce smoke. If you want to powersmaller appliances in your RV or yacht, portable solar generators are surelyone of the best options for you.

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l   Free power of sunlight

l   Low maintenance costs

l   Quiet running


l   Power capacity limitations

l   Higher investment

l   Slow charging

Features of our portable solar generators

l   Portable

l High power


Power                  150W to 4000W


1 year warranty



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