MPPT Solar Charge Controller
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MPPT Solar Charge Controller


MPPT, Maximum Power Point Tracking, solar chargecontroller is a digital control system which can make solar panels output moreelectricity by automatically adjusting working mode of electrical modules. MPPTsolar charge controller can store DC electricity from solar panels into batterieswith high efficiency. All of those descriptions define the meaning of MPPT solar charge controller.

MPPT solar charge controller is the most suitable for higher voltage while PWMsolar charge controller is suitable for lower voltage. PWM solar charge controllerssacrifice efficiency of solar system for the reason of making the system runningsmoothly. MPPT solar charge controller are more efficient and have more advantages thantraditional PWM solar charge controllers.

MPPT solar controllers receive high input voltage generatedby solar panels and transform DC voltage to the system in an efficient way withhigh conversion rate.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller (1).jpgEcener is best value MPPT solar charge controller manufacturerin China. Choosing an excellent workmanship solar charge controller is criticalto long term using and efficiency of the system. By improving the power entry from solar panels,you'll benefit much more than your investment with close to zero maintenanceand replacement costs. MPPT solar charge controller is one of the mostimportant core parts worthwhile investing in for your solar system. Ecener sell MPPT solar charge controller to Kenya, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Australia,Germany, Nigeria, France, Nepal, UK, USA, Canada, etc.

Ecener is specialized in MPPT solar charge controllerdesign and our products are usually rated as one of the top 5 MPPT solar chargecontrollers in China and our automatic load output setting avoids damage of unduedrain on the batteries, which prolongs the battery’s life and you can expectmore than 90% efficiency rate.

For your reference, MPPT Solar Charge Controller HS code is 9032899090.

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l   High voltage MPPT solar charge controller

l   High conversion efficiency

l   More stable system

l   MPPT controllers improve charge efficiency up to 30%

l   MPPT controller is usually more endurable than PWMcontroller

l   MPPT can manage on-grid modules for battery charge


l   MPPT controllers are more expensive than PWM controllers

l   Dimension of MPPT controllers are generally larger thanPWM controllers.


l   Protection function include: battery reverse connectionprotection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, lightningprotection, waterproof, etc.

l   MPPT solar charge controller for both lithium batteriesand lead-acid battery. Support dual battery mode. LCD display, etc.

MPPT solar charge controller specification

Electric Current

10A 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A 100A 12V, 36V, 48V


1 year warranty



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