Portable Solar Generator
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Portable Solar Generator


With continuous progress of technology, people can obtainclean and recyclable energy such as solar power much easier than before. Cleanenergy is eco-friendly and costs less than most of the other energy resources.

Solar energy is absolutely not just for residential use, youcan use portable solar generators as an emergency power supply, or as a powersource for RV or yacht. Portable solar generators use solar panels to draw solarpower and store the power in a portable battery for later use.

The decision to buy a portable solar generator is one of yourbest options. However, choosing the best solar generator is sometimes a boringjob that may trouble your mind due to the reason that you may find a greatnumber of portable solar generators who claim themselves the best in the universe.To choose a suitable one for you, you must make sure the size of your powerconsumption.

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Now that you know the size of your power needs and have abudget in your mind, it’s advisable to select a portable solar generator withgreat efficiency, of course the most suitable for your energy consumptionexpectations.

Portable solar generators may not be proper system to supplyenergy for a house or commercial building, they can be useful for yachts, caravans,or as a standby power for emergency use.

Considering the portability of portable solar generators,it provides a special power supply method for those who need additional power. Inother words, smaller capacity and not fast charging, and sunlight dependencerestrict the availability of solar generators as a standby power for the whole householdelectricity supply.

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l   Free electricity from solar energy

l   Neglectable payment for maintenance

l   Noise free running


l   Power capacity limitations

l   Higher investment

l   Not fast charging

Features of our portable solar generators

l   Moveable

l High capacity


Power                        150W to 4000W

Battery Capacity (Watt-Hours)     Optional


1 year warranty



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