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Definition of Off-grid by Merriam-Webster

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\ ˈȯf-ˈgrid \
variants: or off-the-grid \ ˈȯf-ṯẖə-ˈgrid \

Definition of off-grid

: not connected to or served by publicly or privately managed utilities (such as electricity, gas, or water)When folks move to an off-grid, rural homestead, they often end up burning a lot of fossil fuels (and spending a lot of money) driving to and from town in an inefficient farm truck.— Cam MatherFour Harvard University students are bringing portable, sustainable power to off-grid areas in developing countries …— Emily AvilesIt's hard to imagine a more inspiring space than this off-the-grid building (powered by nearby solar panels).— Samuel CochranTraditionally, home schooling has been branded as a fringe activity—the domain of Bible-toting parents and off-the-grid hippies.— Lynn Schnaiberg

Other Words from off-grid

off the grid or less commonly off-the-grid or off-grid adverb
Not everyone can live off the grid. At least not yet. But until then, many of us are doing simple things to conserve energy, save money and help the environment.— Paul Singley I'm not taking about modern-day Thoreaus building shacks in the woods and living off-the-grid— Paul McFedries Right now people who live off-grid with PV panels on their roofs rely on ordinary batteries to get through the night.— George Johnson

First Known Use of off-grid

1978, in the meaning defined above

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